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Learning Italian: New effective methods

A language is not just a collection of words and rules. Learning Italian doesn’t mean just learn how to put those words together, but it opens a windows on another world. Speaking Italian allows you to communicate with over 60 million people, native from Italy or living all around the world. That means you can make use of the language without even leaving your neighborhood in Montreal.

Speaking Italian for a native English speaker is easy enough to learn. Even if the grammar and structure of Italian language are different from English, they are generally straightforward. Furthermore Italian and English share Latin roots: there are many words that have the same meanings and a similar sound. If you take the Italian sentences:

Il passaporto è valido
Il treno arriva alla stazione

you can easily recognize almost all the words: passport, valid, train, arrives, station. So, with little effort, you get: The passport is valid and The train arrives at the station.
If you already speak other languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese or Romanian, learning Italian is even easier!

learn italian

How to learn Italian?

Grammatical analysis, vocabulary enrichment, the development of conversation skills, exploring Italian social and cultural issues and, why not, a pinch of fun are the winning ingredients of our methods.
Now you can learn Italian in Montreal without investing in expensive solutions, by choosing your favorite method:

Dynamic small group Italian classes
Maximum concentration with a private Italian teacher
Learn from home (or from all around the World) with our LIVE distance Italian courses or online Italian classes

All our programs are eligible for tax credit.
You start speaking Italian right from the first lesson. All our teachers are directly from Italy and are Certified by the Italian University. The speed and easiness of learning Italian are guaranteed by our new methods which link the professionalism of our Italian teachers from Italy with the teaching techniques of motivation, in order to reduce and eliminate any nerves or shyness in speaking the Italian language.

Why learn Italian?

Learning Italian offers you many benefits and can open opportunities on many levels.

Learn Italian for Traveling

Italy certainly does have much to offer: spectacular cities, ancient ruins, wonderful museums, beautiful mountains, amazing beaches, and breathtaking natural scenery. Without forgetting the Italian food! But everything has another taste when you can talk to people in their own language. Learn Italian for travel is very important. It’s really frustrating when people have to order food and drinks on your behalf and they communicate with one another in a mysterious language. By learning or improving your Italian, you can enjoy an authentic experience and visit the genuine Italian places that foreigners generally don’t discover. Just a few words of Italian and those you are talking with will be impressed by your cultural sensitivity and respect for the country.

Learn Italian for the culture or the pleasure

Italy contribute widely to art and culture. By learning Italian you can understand the lyrics to opera classics, explore the vineyards, discover the long history of Rome or just learn how to really cook lasagne. But Italian culture also means Federico Fellini and Vittorio de Sica’s movies; and the literature of Italo Calvino, Giovanni Pascoli, Umberto Eco and Dante Alighieri. And if you are among the about 2 million Canadians with Italian ancestry, learning the language can get you closer to your roots.

Learn Italian to train your brain

Learning a new language at any age helps the brain. Researchers found that adults proficient in more than two languages performed better on attention tests and had better concentration, irrespective of whether they had learned that second language during infancy, childhood or as adults.

Learn Italian for Business

Learn another language isn’t just good for your CV, but it can change your career when you less expect. Just by learning a few words of Italian before your trip has a significant business value. It creates a good impression, and it will immediately provide an interesting topic of conversation. Of course, you can do much more than just that. Italy is a major exporter of luxury goods, wine, clothing, food, fashion and machinery. Learning Italian will certainly help you to work in tourism, international trade, transportation, manufacturing or banking. By the way, did you know that the banking system had its crucial historical development in the medieval and Renaissance Italy and particularly in the affluent cities of Florence, Venice and Genoa?
Often people lie on their CV about their foreign languages proficiency. Why? Because the pursuit of proficiency in a second language is seen by potential employers as proof of your willingness, open-mind, and your ability to learn new things and see things from different perspectives.
Wouldn’t it be great, though, if your assertions were backed up by genuine proficiency? Adding Italian to your CV will go a long way to convincing potential employers and it will also give you the confidence to take on new challenges in the future, and may well also present you with some business opportunities you never would have even previously imagined!
We offer Corporative Italian business courses for professionals in Montreal that will help you to learn everything is necessary for your career by studying your own area of expertise and the related Italian vocabulary, with courses organized by topic and theme.

learn italian

Ways to Learn Italian

Studying Italian in the classroom

Classroom instruction with a teacher and other students is the most traditional approach to learning a language. You probably have already learned some Italian or another language this way, although often not with the best results. Our new methods guarantee you excellent results because they are focused on conversation Italian that will certainly help you to become fluent in Italian.
Studying Italian in our group classes means:

  • The ability to quickly learn to speak fluent Italian

  • An accessible budget plan all inclusive

  • A wide choice of sessions of group Italian classes

  • Tax deductible eligible course fees

  • Course given by a certified Italian teacher.

Italian Private Tutor

One-on-one Italian lessons with a private teacher give you access to a completely tailored learning experience. You will concentrate on your need and you will have many opportunities to practice speaking because the teacher doesn’t have to split attention among more students. If you feel that this is your favorite way to learn Italian, just go for it!
But be aware, just because someone is a native Italian speaker does not mean they are a good teacher. Our Italian teachers are certifies to guarantee you the best results because learning a language means a significant time commitment. So, even if you invest a little bit more, you know that you will not learn mistakes and you will not have to invest too much time. Set your own pace and learn what’s relevant to you. Think about: learning Italian is something you do once in your life and, if done right, it will be a skill that you will never lose!

Online Italian Courses

If you prefer to learn Italian from the comfort of your office or home, there are many free learning solutions on the web. From Italian grammar to online courses, but they are often cluttered and inconsistent. You will spend a lot of time, without always knowing if what you are learning is really relevant to learn how to speak Italian.
Some websites offer free interactive learning material. They can integrate your studying, but they don’t really focus on speaking. They also rely heavily on user-generated content, which means the quality is inconsistent and the accuracy of the information goes unverified. So, if you prefer to learn from the comfort of your office or home how to speak Italian, and you still want to benefit of the quality of a certified Italian teacher, now you can choose our live distance learning Italian program with a native Italian teacher, certified by the University of Siene that will follow you through the course. It is a true private course: it’s flexible and follows you wherever you go!

Learning Italian in immersion

Often considered as the best solution to learn Italian, unfortunately is not. Passive listening will not be easy and will not make you fluent in Italian without further study. If you think, when you are in Italy, how many hours you have to be in contact with the language before learning the basics? You can easily achieve a best results in just few hours in a classroom. Even if you decide to take lessons once you are in Italy, think about: you are in one of the most beautiful country of the world, do you really want to waste this precious time in a classroom learning basic Italian? Immersion can certainly help you to improve your fluency, but to take the most of it, learn Italian the most you can in your hometown, before your trip.

Learning Italian with us means studying Italian with a team of passionate and expert teachers that guarantee you a top-quality studying experience for the best value.
Commitment and discipline are important, and our method helps you to achieve real engagement and maximize your learning potential, always with a touch of fun.
Although our Italian classes are mainly focused on conversation, the explanation of Italian grammar also occupies a very important place and students will have the opportunity to develop comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills because courses cover all aspects of language acquisition: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Start learning Italian with our Italian courses!

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