what does tiramisu mean in italian

blog/que signifie tiramisu en italien

Do you know what the meaning of word Tiramisu in Italian is?

What does Tiramisu mean in Italian?

what does tiramisu mean in italian

We all know how good the Tiramisu dessert is, but what does the word Tiramisu mean?

What does Tiramisu mean in Italian?

what does tiramisu mean in italian

In Italian, Tiramisu is spelled with an accent at the end: Tiramisù.
As the recipe is a composition of tasteful ingredients, also the name Tiramisù is a composition of three different words:

Tira is the imperative of the verb tirare, which means pull

Me as me (myself)

Su as up

Word-for-word translation of Tiramisù is

but Tiramisù means:
Cheer me up.

Now you know what to eat next time you feel blue! :)

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what does tiramisu mean in italian

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what does tiramisu mean in italian
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what does tiramisu mean in italian
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